Battle of Yorktown, Virginia 1781

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Sources in Loyalism

The narrative of Virginia loyalists have been lost to history for this reason. Without a plethora of period newspaper articles citing attacks, or stories of interactions between loyalists and patriots, Virginia's loyalists has been forgotten. It is as if Virginia's Revolutionary Whigs achieved their goal of exceptionalism, convincing not only other states in the era that loyalism did not exist in Virginia, but also modern-day historians.

All of the studies and ultimately our understanding of the meaning of the Revolution and War for Independence in Virginia are deeply flawed because they do not contain this crucial element of loyalism in the state. In order to have a complete understanding of the place Virginia held in the Revolution, we must add its loyalists back into the picture or that image will remain incomplete. 2

  1. Revolutionary Versus Loyalist, Leslie F.S. Upton, 1965
  2. Victims of Liberty: Loyalists and Loyalism in Revolutionary Virginia, 1765-1781, Stephanie Anne Seal, MA Thesis 2013