Welcome to the Twenty Tories Project

Williamsburg ToriesWelcome to Twenty Tories: Loyal Virginians at the Yorktown Siege.  This project has taken a sampling of twenty loyalists from the state of Virginia during the Revolutionary War who joined Cornwallis during his southern campaign and fought at the Battle of Yorktown against their fellow Virginians.  All of their records come from the British Records Office A012, A013, and letters submitted to Governor Nelson after the siege.  The goal of this website is to allow historians of loyalism to begin to comprehend these men and the context of their service as a window into better understanding loyalism--especially a loyalism so strong that they would risk eveything for it.  This work is just the start of a much longer research project begun on military loyalism and is being updated with the emergence of new materials and further research.

How to Use this Site: 

On the Twenty Tories site you will find a listing of all twenty loyalists who joined Cornwallis at Yorktown.  As a social history project, each Tory has their own biography page describing the pre-war lives of the twenty, their path to Yorktown, and the repercussions of their service after the war.  All biographical information has been taken from their loyalist claims--whether through their own hand or their families depending on their fate after the battle.  All claims can be found in the British Records Office A012 and A013.  The hope is that this website will--at some point--be given permission to publish the original claims online and transcriptons of all claim materials are currently in process for future publication on this site.

The website also includes a map of Virginia and pins for each loyalist locating where they lived before the Yorktown Siege.  Each pin redirects to each Tory's biography page for more information.  Also included on the website are descriptions of Virginia Loyalism during the American Revolution and why this sampling of only twenty tories is so important to the history of the Revolution, Virginia, loyalism, and Transatlantic relations.